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Bespoke 3D print bureau using the industries leading equipment.

How does it work?

Discover how our print service works, and what best fits your 3D printing needs.

  1. For us to send you a printing quote, we need a 3D file in STEP, OBJ or STL format.
  2. We use the file to calculate a price, lead time and the product weight.
  3. We then send you a quote.

Choosing the nozzle size

Whether you require a finer detail print or a faster cheaper print we have a nozzle to suit your application ranging from 0.6mm to 14mm

Large nozzle
Fast, durable and cost-effective printing

Small nozzle
Better detail and surfaces

3d printing/manufacturing

At Plastech Additive Manufacturing you will have access to the largest 3D printing machines in UK and a comprehensive choice of engineering-grade, batch-traceable thermoplastic materials to produce high-end, large scale products at a faster and lower cost than traditional methods allow.

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